Copenhagen Study Tour

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Returning from a very chilly week spent in Copenhagen with the students from the Plymouth School of Architecture. An eye opening trip for all involved and a nice opportunity to fill up some sketchbooks!

James and Joe have both been teaching at Plymouth University School of Architecture this year on the undergraduate degree programme. In February 2017 they visited Copenhagen on a study tour with the students from the course.

Through the week the group visited some stunning buildings designed by some of the greatest architects in history. These included Bagsvaerd Church, Grundtvig Church, The Danish National Bank, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, St Peter’s Church at Klippan and The Malmo Eastern Cemetry. The students and staff all came back inspired.

A great opportunity to learn from some of the masters of our profession.

Visiting extraordinary buildings like this gives us, as architects, the opportunity to continue to experience, analyse and learn from the work of great architects. Often there are small moments within such ambitious projects that can be applied to some of our work and this continuing development of our knowledge spurs us on to push the limits with our own design work.

Always one of our favourites, the Museum of Modern Art in Louisiana never fails to impress and we would recommend a visit to anyone who appreciates architecture, art or who is looking for a memorable day out in Denmark. Every visit reveals further insight into the richness of the design of the building and landscape. A great place to spend a day relaxing, reflecting and engaging with art and landscape from a variety of perspectives.