Exwick, Devon

Exe View Cottages

This extension of an old cottage in Exeter has transformed the living space bringing in natural light and creating a very strong connection with the garden.

The existing house offered a very poor connection to the rear garden and a dark introverted layout. This extension and refurbishment made use of some of the existing footprint whilst introducing new spaces to form stronger connections between kitchen and dining areas as well as between indoors and outdoors. A number of challenges had to be overcome with close proximity to mains sewers and poor ground conditions. The design team worked hard to ensure these obstacles didn’t compromise the quality of the scheme or significantly effect the budget.

Clad in timber with a corrugated metal roof the building has quite a utilitarian appearance paying reference to the historical use of the site associated with the Exwick Mill. The unusual roof form lends the extension a contemporary appearance whilst creating a dramatic rooflit interior volume. The covered terrace is also clad with timber which has retained its natural appearance creating a contrast and hierarchy with the external weathered timber. Large sliding doors and windows open onto the terrace allowing the living spaces to spill out into the garden throughout the year.





Project Details
  • Works: Refurb and extension
  • Budget: Undisclosed
  • Floor Area: 32m2 new build
  • Construction Period: 9 months
  • Contractor: Stride
  • Structural Engineers: TWP Engineers
Project Drawings
Project Album
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