Rewe, Devon

Outside In House

Starting with an existing derelict youth club on a constrained site the client’s brief was to create a unique two bedroom home with minimal alterations to the existing structure.

The clients wanted to live in a space with strong connections to the outdoors. The challenge of the project was to achieve this using an existing building that had minimal external openings and limited outlook.

A large area of roof was removed bringing light into the centre of the building and enhancing the connection with the outdoors. By creating layers of enclosure within the existing envelope a sense of being outdoors could be created within the building. These layers enclosed specific functional spaces for cooking, washing, sleeping and living. The ‘left over’ space remained unprogrammed : space that could be appropriated for non specific functions : entertaining, studying, drawing, sunbathing, dreaming.






Project Details
  • Works: Change of use and refubishment
  • Budget: £92,000.00
  • Floor Area: 140m2 new build
  • Construction Period: 32 months
  • Contractor: Self-build
  • Structural Engineers: TWP Engineers
Project Drawings
Project Album
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