Yeovil Crematorium

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Design competition proposal:

We recently submitted a design proposal for the renewal and extension of Yeovil Crematorium as part of a national design competition by South Somerset District Council.

The rejuvenated crematorium is fronted by a new external colonnade that softens the threshold between approach and arrival. 

Our proposal carefully rejuvenates Yeovil Crematorium, renewing the existing building whilst maintaining effective core facilities and a memory of the original building.  The proposal curates a  user experience that offers privacy for two separate ceremonies, within the building and through the gardens.

The design is carefully considered around the particularly sensitive experience of visitors to the crematorium and the procession through both the site and the building. The proposal creates two new chapels for Yeovil Crematorium.  These are clearly articulated as the two principal architectural volumes of the crematorium, offering a point of visual focus, a generous sense of scale and excellent day lighting.

A design focused around the particularly private and sensitive experience of the visitor.

The approach and entrance sequence for the crematorium’s ceremonies are choreographed to provide a separate, private experience for mourners with private views of the gardens framed on this promenade. After the cremation ceremony, each chapel has a private route through the peaceful and reflective gardens of remembrance.  A second pavilion is also introduced in the gardens on this new pathway.